Cargo Security Covers from Pro-Gard

Tina Altadonna - Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Pro-gard is Bringing the Trunk Back to the SUV


Pro-gard’s new Cargo Security Cover is a means to safely stow away a wide range of equipment in the cargo area of an SUV. This new security solution will help prevent theft by keeping items out of sight, essentially creating a trunk in the SUV.

In addition to added security, the Cargo Security Cover provides additional mounting surfaces for accessories and electronics. With our no-holes-drilled installation, the cover is securely mounted to the Cargo Barrier and body of the vehicle using existing OEM mounting points. 

Constructed with a steel frame and topped with a heavy-duty rubber mat, the Cargo Security Cover is available for the Ford Interceptor Utility and Chevrolet Tahoe.

See Full Press Release Here

Whelen Engineering Launches Brand Advancement Strategy

Tina Altadonna - Friday, March 17, 2017

Whelen Engineering Launches Brand Advancement Strategy

Whelen Engineering Launches Brand Advancement Strategy to Build on Tradition and Position for the Future

Chester, CT, March 2, 2017 - Whelen Engineering today introduced a new logo as a component of a comprehensive strategy to support its role as a leader in the emergency warning industry.  An integral component of Whelen's brand advancement initiative is a new tagline: Trusted to Perform.

The centerpiece of the new identity embodies Whelen's core message and its internal value as a company.  Trusted to Perform is designed to communicate the value and impact of a Whelen product in a global marketplace.  

Whelen exists to protect people when lives are on the line.  Whelen products have always been trusted to perform in the most demanding situations, just like the people who use them.  Trusted to Perform expresses the integrity of Whelen employees and the quality of their products.  

The initiative launched in early 2016 with a brand discovery phase that involved gathering research data from employees, distributors and end users.  The second and third phases of the project have involved the development of an updated visual and written identity.  

"Whelen has a compelling story to tell as a family owned, United States manufacturing company.  With this tagline, we are telling that story with greater clarity, impact, and reach," said George Whelen V, President and CEO of the company.  

Havis Releases New Docking Solutions Made for iPaed

Tina Altadonna - Monday, January 09, 2017

Havis Docking and Cradle solutions "Made for iPad", improve mobile worker productivity by providing a secure location for charging and usage in almost any work environment.   With these solutions, fleet managers can seamlessly integrate the Apple iPad, iPad Mini, or iPad Pro into their workforce to enhance productivity without sacrificing quality, safety or longevity.  Havis - Productivity in Motion....

Pro-gard Push Bumpers for the 2017 Chevy Tahoe

Tina Altadonna - Friday, December 09, 2016

Pro-gard HD Push Bumpers 

The new Chevrolet Tahoe PPVs for 2017 feature an aerodynamic design change behind the front grill, that drastically alters how Push Bumpers mount to the vehicle.

Chevy has added "Active Aero Front Shutters" to 2017 Tahoe PPV, eliminating previous push bumper mounting locations for upper support brackets. Push Bumper bracketry cannot interfere with these shutters. 

Pro-gard's HD Push Bumpers require only lower tow hook mounting brackets, outside the affected area. Our current (2015+) design will fit the new 2017 Tahoe. 

Whelen CenCom Carbide

Tina Altadonna - Friday, October 21, 2016

Your One-Box Solution

CenCom Carbide is the latest from our proven family of products, with reliable, situation-based integration.  Carbide officer advanced engineering for superior automated performance.  Simple to install, simple to configure, simple to clone.  

Safety and distraction are NOT compatible. CenCom Carbide has been engineered to automate system responses – so officers can concentrate on whatever they’re facing. Carbide’s intuitive operations and hands-free features allow for situational awareness that can mean the difference between protection and harm.

Carbide is based on systems that have been proven on the job – with thousands of officers behind the wheel. And in the field, dependability is everything.

The newly designed Carbide control head is practical and ergonomically designed. Warning lights, siren, and Traffic Advisor™ functions can be controlled from a single keypad. The slide switch and buttons are grouped by function for simple touch control – keeping the officer’s eyes on the road.

Carbide technology has been tested and proven in every environment – from our own state-of-the art testing facilities in Connecticut to highways and urban streets across the country. Whether it’s a routine patrol or a demanding tactical situation, we make sure that officer safety is built in.

Havis Launches Full Line of Materials Handling Computer Docking Solutions

Tina Altadonna - Thursday, July 07, 2016
Havis Launches Full Line of Materials Handling Computer Docking Solutions

Distracted driving isn't just something that happens on the highway.  It can be a problem for warehouse workers as well.  

Eye strain, also isn't just something that affects office workers.  Computers are a part of nearly every work environment these days, and starting at screens affects everyone.  

With these issues in mind, Havis Inc. is pleased to announce its full line of computer mounting and docking solutions for workers who use forklifts, pallet jacks and mobile carts.  

Our equipment mounting, computer docking stations, cradles and peripheral accessories are designed to help these workers increase their productivity while also maximizing their safety and comfort.  

Whelen Continuum

Tina Altadonna - Thursday, June 30, 2016

Truck U on the Velocity Channel recently featured the ‪#‎Whelen‬Continuum Series on a 2012 Toyota Tacoma 4WD.

See what they have to say about them.

Pioneer LiFe Series

Tina Altadonna - Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Whelen Tracer is here!

Tina Altadonna - Monday, March 21, 2016

The Tracer has arrived.

Engineered to increase vehicle visibility, the all new Tracer is designed from the ground up, utilizing Whelens Super-LED® technology to provide high intensity warning and illumination.

Sleek vehicle specific mounting brackets conform to vehicle rocker panels and the universal mounting bracket kit will mount Tracer to a variety of applications. The durable clamshell design allows for easy reconfiguration and serviceability.

See the new Tracer here.

For more information, please contact your local Whelen Rep.  

Viper Shield Rapid Deployment System

Tina Altadonna - Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Viper Shield Rapid Deployment System
Advancing Officer Safety and Designed for 24/7/365 Patrol!

Your Chief, Sheriff or Fleet Manager Needs to See This Before Ordering Equipment!

The Viper Shield is small enough to be portable but big enough to protect the officer's head and upper torso.  The Viper Shield Technology integrates directly into the Pro-gard Partiton on the drivers side. The one-hand carry allows theofficer to aim a hand gun in the non-support hand.  

While the Viper Shield can be used when responding to an active shooter, this is not just another piece of active shooter gear, but an instrumental, lifesaving shield for every patrol officer.  

Features & Benefits

  • Portable Ballistic Protection
  • Able to stop "special threat" rounds that can penetrate standard ballistic vests
  • Rated NIJ IIIA
  • 16" wide & 25" height
  • 8.5 lbs
  • T-handle release for rapid deployment

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